Youth Justice Team

The Youth Justice Team believes that young people should be treated with respect and have the resources they need to meet their goals. To that end, we engage in civil legal representation, social work, community collaborations, and systematic advocacy, in partnership with the young people we serve. We provide civil legal services to young people from the ages 14-25 related to:

  • Entry into Foster Care
  • Education
  • Guardianships
  • Public Benefits
  • Record Sealing
  • SSI

Our attorneys work with youth across the Bay Area. In each county, our work takes on different forms and priorities:

Contra Costa County

Ali Sadler serves young people in Contra Costa experiencing homelessness, incarceration, or trafficking. She also helps young people coming out of juvenile hall get back to school and stabilize once back at home with their community.

Santa Clara County

Alexandra Santa Ana works with the Bill Wilson Center (BWC) in Santa Clara County. She works with young people under 18 at BWC’s emergency shelter who don’t have a safe caregiver and with older youth on a variety of issues, including public benefits and name and gender marker changes.

Alameda County

Taishi Duchicela and Britt Harwood work with teenagers and young adults who have been involved with Alameda County Juvenile Probation. They work with other service providers to support youth whether their juvenile case is current or happened years ago.

Amanda Reynoso Palley works with youth who use drop-in and residential programs at DreamCatcher and Covenant House youth shelters in Oakland. She works with young people under the age of 18 who don’t have a safe caregiver and young adults who want to remove obstacles to their independence.

Bay Area-Wide Team

We are also available to talk to youth in San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, and Napa Counties. Christian Henricksen, our team social worker, gets essential services and helps them plan for the safety in their communities. Maighna Jain is our supervisor.

The above information is also available as a flyer here.


Youth Justice Team cases have an outstanding 95% success rate. These youth who successfully receive housing, medical, education support and more through advocacy by BayLegal are significantly less likely to be repeat offenders.

With BayLegal’s assistance, youth are appropriately supported by community resources such as proper educational placement, access to mental health counseling, economic stability through government benefits programs – and therefore no longer needs the continued supervision of the juvenile delinquency system.