Veterans Project

Disabled Navy veteran Monica with her attorney, Cathy Wong

California is home to the largest number of homeless veterans in the nation, comprising approximately 26% of all homeless veterans in our country. California expects to receive an additional 30,000 discharged military service members every year for the next several years, more than any other state.

BayLegal’s Veterans Project provides free legal assistance to veterans with the following issues:

  • Veterans Benefits, including:
    • Service-Connected Disability Benefits (disability benefits for physical and psychological problems arising from or caused by military service)
    • Non-Service Connected Disability Benefits (disability benefits for low-income wartime veterans)
    • VA Overpayments (waiver requests for overpaid amounts)
  • Character of Discharge Determinations (petition the VA for eligibility for VA benefits and health care despite a “bad” discharge)
  • Discharge Upgrades (petition to upgrade discharge status so that veteran is eligible for VA health care and benefits, and to eliminate stigma that can be a barrier to employment and housing)
  • SSDI (Social Security Disability Benefits)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • Housing Preservation
  • Consumer Law
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Health Care Access


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Upcoming Veterans Legal clinics

Bay Area Legal Aid offers seasonal Veteran’s Rights Clinics throughout the region. Click here for all Legal Clinics.