Susan Li Interviews BayLegal Attorney Fawn Jade Korr on Issues Facing Domestic Violence Survivors

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Update: The San Francisco Examiner quoted Fawn Jade Korr’s interview in an article about services for domestic violence survivors during the pandemic.

Susan Li interviewed Bay Area Legal Aid Senior Staff Attorney Fawn Jade Korr on the barriers domestic violence survivors face to accessing legal services during the pandemic. Korr talked about the significant delays many have experienced on their cases and noted that many courts are not hearing matters related to divorce, child custody, access to income and finances, and other issues affecting survivors. “A lot of survivors have been delayed in receiving any adjudication,” said Korr, “some are still waiting, and some [we believe] who didn’t have access to an attorney maybe stopped trying to access services.”

Korr also talked about long-term issues, including inadequate implicit bias training for courts and law enforcement and the importance of culturally sensitive responses. You can watch the full interview here on the Ethnic Media Services podcast.