Know Your Rights resources for Laguna Honda residents and their advocates

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News from our colleagues at the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) about the decertification of Laguna Hospital Hospital, and the rights of  residents:

“Due to continued quality of care violations, Laguna Honda has been threatened with loss of its ability to get paid by Medicare and Medi-Cal. Most Laguna Honda residents have their care paid for by Medicare or Medi-Cal. But nothing is settled at this point.

Laguna Honda announced that it is filing a new application to be paid by Medicare and Medi-Cal. It remains open and licensed and is currently being paid for residents’ care. Medicare and Medi-Cal payments for current residents are expected to continue for several months while Laguna Honda reapplies to get back into these payment programs.

Laguna Honda prepared a plan to transfer residents and close the facility, as required by law. The plan does not mean Laguna Honda is going to close. Preparing the plan allows Laguna Honda to continue to receive federal funds to care for residents while it seeks recertification by Medicare and Medi-Cal.”


The attached fact sheet from CANHR, and the additional link to information from Disability Rights California, provides essential Know Your Rights materials for residents and their advocates concerned about what the loss of certification might mean for them. Don’t panic—you have protections against eviction, and there are resources available to help you.


Download the CANHR fact sheet in English (updated 7/18/2022)

Descargue la hoja informativa de CANHR en español (actualizado el 18/7/2022)

Read Disability Rights California’s Know Your Rights page.