Happy Hispanic / Latinx Heritage Month!

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Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is observed from September 15-October 15 to spotlight and celebrate the lives, lineage, and accomplishments of Hispanic/Latinx peoples.  September 15 commences Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month because these dates encompass many significant events for the Latin countries such as the anniversaries of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua on September 15Mexico on September 16 (no, it’s not Cinco de Mayo), and Chile on September 18. Additionally, some parts of Mexico and other Latin countries celebrate Día de la Raza on October 12.

Originally, this month was named Hispanic Heritage month, but in some arenas was changed to Latino, then Latinx Heritage Month to include non-Spanish speaking Latin countries and to be gender inclusive; different folks identify with different words.

This month should be especially important to us Californians because Mexican and Central American culture is inextricable from the fabric of our state. Although we should be celebrating, supporting, and fighting for the liberation of Latinx peoples every day, here are some ways to intentionally honor Latinx peoples:

  • Attend Hispanic/Latinx Heritage month events
  • Support Latinx businesses in the Bay Area
  • Listen to Latinx voices in these podcasts
  • Recruit/connect with Latinx professionals: Here and Here
  • Support Latino-led, Latinx focused organizations

Grateful acknowledgement is made to BayLegal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Manager Mynesha Whyte for this statement and graphic.