Recently, security updates to some browsers and changes in the way our third-party payment processor interacts with our website have prevented some users from being able to use the payment feature on our donations page. We are working on a long-term solution to this issue, which has been documented by some users on Chrome and Edge browsers. Other users with the same browsers continue to use the form without issue.

As an interim solution, if you are trying to make a donation to Bay Area Legal Aid but our donation page returns a blank gray box after you click the “Process” button, here are the steps you can follow to resolve the issue:

  1. If the page returns the blank gray box, look at the top address bar of your web browser. On the righthand side, you should see one or two icons representing browser windows with red X’s over them.
  2. Click on one of these icons. Your browser will show you a window asking whether you want to accept pop-ups and redirects from the domain.
  3. Clicking to accept will allow you to reload the form and successfully use the “Process” button.


[Additional detail for those interested: Because we use a secure third-party system for processing donations, the redirect function of this form is unavoidable within our website’s current configuration. This is the only place on our site where we use a redirect rather than a direct external link. Were we to add any additional redirects to the site, we would be sure to clearly label any buttons or linked text leading to them].