Pro Bono/Volunteer Opportunities

BayLegal welcomes a full range of volunteers of all educational and experience backgrounds. Volunteers are dedicated to helping achieve our mission of high quality legal services for the poor throughout the Bay Area. Pro Bono / Volunteer opportunities include: high school and college students, graduates, paralegal students and active paralegals, law school graduates, and any civic minded individuals dedicated to helping.

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Please complete a volunteer application and submit your application with a copy of your resume to:

Volunteer Application


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Opportunities to work in a BayLegal Office or Clinic

Examples of Projects:
  • Volunteer in one of BayLegal’s Regional Offices – Volunteer opportunities are available during standard business hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm). To assure a mutually beneficial opportunity, we generally seek a minimum of 8-12 hours/week and a three month minimum commitment. Depending on prior experience and time commitment, volunteers have the opportunity to work with front line staff to become familiar with the law firm and community needs, as well as work directly with staff and clients on ongoing cases and projects.
  • Paralegal Internships – Certified paralegals and paralegal students are encouraged to apply. Paralegal interns will work directly with BayLegal staff. Therefore, this offers an opportunity to learn legal procedure and draft legal pleadings. BayLegal commonly hosts paralegal students seeking to fulfill school required internship hours. Volunteers/Interns have an opportunity to learn a wide range of legal pleadings and practice.
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order Clinics – Staff and volunteers assist self represented litigants with the paperwork needed to receive a Temporary Restraining Order. BayLegal conducts Clinics in Redwood City, throughout Contra Costa County, and is a partner in San Francisco’s Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic (CROC).
  • Housing Law Clinics – BayLegal staff and volunteers assist low-income self-represented litigants in eviction matters. As a result, BayLegal aims to prevent homelessness and illegal evictions as well as improve access to the courts for pro per litigants.
  • Interpretation and Translation Volunteers – Volunteers fluent in a language other than English can assist BayLegal in our mission to provide high quality legal services to low-income people regardless of their location, language or disability. Volunteers generally work along side of our staff or volunteer attorneys assisting clients with a range of civil legal needs. This volunteer position is flexible and generally contacted on an as-needed basis to assist with particular cases or projects. BayLegal Interpreter/Translator Application  (return with resume).
  • Expert/Forensic Assistance – Work together with BayLegal attorneys and volunteers assisting with expert assessments needed within a case. For example:  business or property evaluation; computer forensics; etc. Please complete the Volunteer Application and submit with a copy of your resume.