Executive Director’s Blog: Looking Forward – Part III

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Looking Forward

Leadership for Regional Impact

In keeping with this column’s focus on BayLegal’s strategic work to strengthen our capacity to ensure we remain a social justice leader for our clients and our broader Bay Area community, I am pleased to announce that Ariella Hyman will be taking on a new position of Director of Program and Advocacy. Ariella will help to lead our regional legal work–leveraging our regional expertise in a wide range of legal issues facing our clients, our unique position embedded in local communities and our multi-faceted strategies of individual representation, collaboration and systemic policy advocacy and litigation.

Ariella has helped to shape BayLegal into the powerful poverty law firm that we are today. She has over thirty years of legal services experience, starting as a staff attorney representing survivors of domestic violence, public policy advocacy, and most recently as our Alameda County Managing Attorney where she helped to shepherd the growth of our Alameda County staff from 11 to over 30 and build our nationally recognized regional youth justice team. While Ariella takes a well-deserved vacation and prepares for her new role, we are recruiting for a Managing Attorney of our Alameda County office and for a Regional Youth Justice Managing Attorney.

Check out our employment opportunities page for information on the Alameda County Managing Attorney position and others at BayLegal.


Join us on our mission to provide quality legal advice, counsel, and advocacy for thousands of low-income Bay Area residents.

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