Disaster relief services on-site for fire survivors in Napa

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Thanks to the Napa Valley Register for spreading the word about FEMA services and a range of other supports by organizations including BayLegal available to wildfire survivors in Napa. The Napa Local Assistance Center (2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive) is offering drive-thru FEMA services from 9am – 6pm daily. Representatives from public agencies and nonprofits including BayLegal will be on hand at various times throughout the day, and with information on service access and referrals available at the outreach table. This week, we anticipate that BayLegal staff will be available in person Thursday and Friday afternoons, with resources at the walk-up table at all other times.

If you need emergency legal services or referral to other supports and are not able to access the Local Assistance Center in person, you can also call the Disaster Relief Legal Hotline.