Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

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On the second Monday of October, BayLegal stands with the growing number of cities, municipalities, states, and organizations that have begun to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day.  On this day we celebrate the resiliency, spirit, and presence of Indigenous People across the lands as opposed to celebrating an agent of colonization and genocide, because it is vital to the fight for liberation. The recognition of this day is one small step to repair the generational harms the United States and previous colonizers have inflicted upon Indigenous tribes and nations, the original stewards of Turtle Island.

Please note that in observance of this day, BayLegal offices and phone lines will be closed on Monday, October 11th. We will resume normal hours of operation on Tuesday, October 12th.

We hope that on this day you will reflect on the ways in which you take up space and interact with Indigenous lands, learn about the vast histories, cultures, and lives of Indigenous people, and determine ways in which you can contribute to the reparation of Indigenous sovereignty and the rematriation of Indigenous land. If you are unsure of where to begin here are some resources to learn about local and national Indigenous tribes’ histories, campaigns, and actions: