BayLegal Launches Our 2022 Annual Report

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Dear BayLegal friends, Working Together for Justice is much more than a tag line—it is about the expertise, resources and partnerships that are needed to address the deep socioeconomic and civil legal inequities in our country. Legal Services Corporation (LSC) issued an updated Justice Gap Report in 2022, which like the California State Bar Justice …

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BayLegal Publishes Our 2021 Annual Report

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Dear Partners In Justice, Thank you for your partnership and support of our critical work with low-income communities throughout the Bay Area toward a more just society for all! The publication today of our 2021 Annual Report stands as a compelling reminder to all of us at BayLegal of what your support means for our …

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BayLegal publishes our 2019 & 2020 annual report

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Dear Partners in Justice, Bay Area Legal Aid is proud to present our 2019 & 2020 Biennial Report. It would require a much longer publication to adequately detail the contributions over those two years of all our practice units, multidisciplinary projects, litigation and advocacy initiatives, and partnerships with other legal services firms and community organizations. …

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New Resource for Youth Advocates: Ensuring Stability and Success for Youth Tenants in THP-Plus

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Bay Area Legal Aid is pleased to announce the publication of Ensuring Stability And Success For Youth Tenants In THP Plus. Co-authored by advocates from the Youth Law Center and Britt Harwood of BayLegal’s Youth Justice team, this resource is intended to help advocates improve housing stability and ongoing access to supportive services for their …

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2018 Youth Homelessness Report

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Building a Safety Net for the Safety Net: Legal Aid Partnership with Youth Insights from Bay Area Legal Aid’s Youth Homelessness Project [July 2018 Report] 2018 BayLegal Youth Homelessness Project Report Download – 2018 BayLegal Youth Homelessness Project Report

Our Impact: Working Together for Youth Justice

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Clearinghouse Community: Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Court Involvement
Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Court Involvement Youth who have been involved in the juvenile court system face numerous barriers to getting a job, obtaining safe housing, and furthering their education. This month’s Clearinghouse highlights BayLegal’s Youth Justice Project as a model of successful partnerships between civil legal aid attorneys and public defenders. The Youth Justice Project, which started …

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Our Impact: Strategic Litigation and Policy Advocacy

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Clearinghouse Community: Reforming Driver's License Suspension in California
Reforming Traffic Court Fines, Fees, and Driver’s License Suspensions in California Advocates around the country are grappling with injustices in traffic court systems: minor traffic offenses or nonviolent infractions often carry increasingly high fines and fees; people who cannot afford to pay are faced with even greater fines for nonpayment, loss of a driver’s license, …

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2016 Annual Report

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Working Together for Justice Bay Area Legal Aid (BayLegal) ensures fairness in the civil justice system for the most vulnerable members of our community. Our 2016 Annual Report highlights some of the exciting changes to our work over the past year. 2016 Annual Report Download – 2016 Annual Report

Measuring the Justice Gap

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The Justice Gap: Measuring the Unmet Civil Legal Needs of Low-income Americans
Bay Area Legal Aid’s Legal Advice Line serves as the virtual emergency room for civil legal problems in our community. According to Haydée Alfonso, General Counsel and Managing Attorney, “Our team of attorneys at the Legal Advice Line expertly triage over 100 callers per day, providing critical legal services, resources, and referrals to individuals who would lack …

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2016 White House Report Highlights Importance of Civil Legal Aid

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White House Legal Aid Inter-agency Roundtable
On July 25, 1974, President Richard M. Nixon signed the law creating the Legal Services Corporation. Since its inception, civil legal aid programs have provided free legal assistance to low-income and under-served individuals. The effect – throughout the United States – has been increased access to justice, and alleviation of poverty and inequality. Every day, we prove …

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Legal Solutions for Homeless in San Francisco

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San Francisco, CA — The BayLegal Economic Justice team works creatively to stop the cycle of poverty for disabled homeless persons. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Beyond Homelessness series highlighted their effectiveness last week: “…when people with disabilities get outside support applying for [Supplemental Security Income], they’re far more likely to be enrolled. Acceptance rates soar as …

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Richmond leads Contra Costa County in Evictions

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Richmond Confidential is exposing the dire state of evictions in the City of Richmond. Citing the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department’s Civil Unit eviction schedule, at least 267 sheriff-enforced evictions occurred between January and October of 2016. Bay Area Legal Aid housing attorney, Oraneet Shikmah Orevi, explains that actual eviction numbers may be even higher: “A lot of landlords don’t …

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