2016 White House Report Highlights Importance of Civil Legal Aid

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White House Legal Aid Inter-agency Roundtable
On July 25, 1974, President Richard M. Nixon signed the law creating the Legal Services Corporation. Since its inception, civil legal aid programs have provided free legal assistance to low-income and under-served individuals. The effect – throughout the United States – has been increased access to justice, and alleviation of poverty and inequality. Every day, we prove …

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Legal Solutions for Homeless in San Francisco

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SF Chronicle Beyond Homelessness
San Francisco, CA — The BayLegal Economic Justice team works creatively to stop the cycle of poverty for disabled homeless persons. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Beyond Homelessness series highlighted their effectiveness last week: “…when people with disabilities get outside support applying for [Supplemental Security Income], they’re far more likely to be enrolled. Acceptance rates soar as …

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Richmond leads Contra Costa County in Evictions

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Richmond Confidential CCC Evictions viz
Richmond Confidential is exposing the dire state of evictions in the City of Richmond. Citing the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department’s Civil Unit eviction schedule, at least 267 sheriff-enforced evictions occurred between January and October of 2016. Bay Area Legal Aid housing attorney, Oraneet Shikmah Orevi, explains that actual eviction numbers may be even higher: “A lot of landlords don’t …

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BayLegal Honored as Lesher Foundation Non-Profit Partner

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Lesher Foundation honors BayLegal
November 16, 2016 – Bay Area Legal Aid was honored this evening to be recognized as a Non-Profit Partner of the Lesher Foundation’s NEWSMAKERS: Lesher Speaker Series. Headlining the event was former Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. The lecture was preceded by this video highlighting BayLegal’s work, with production donated by KTVU Fox 2.