BayLegal Publishes Our 2021 Annual Report

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Dear Partners In Justice,

Thank you for your partnership and support of our critical work with low-income communities throughout the Bay Area toward a more just society for all! The publication today of our 2021 Annual Report stands as a compelling reminder to all of us at BayLegal of what your support means for our work, our clients, and the communities in which we work.

As BayLegal continues to advocate for clients and dares to imagine our “post-pandemic” work, our goal and vision is not for a return to the past, but for a future of true equity, inclusion, and stability for our clients and client communities — for a society in which everyone thrives.

The pandemic both exposed and increased deep historical inequities and disparities caused by racism, discrimination, an insufficient social safety net, and acceptance of a starkly divided economic system in which some have a lot, and many have very little and barely survive. The disparate economic fallout of the pandemic brought a rising tide of evictions, precarious housing, debt, poverty and a widening wealth gap that will continue beyond the public health crisis.

BayLegal’s vision of the future means we will continue to be on the front lines fighting for a just civil legal system that equitably serves all people regardless of race, sexuality, gender and class. We must continue to fight against predatory consumer debt collection practices, illegal evictions and housing displacement. We must continue to dismantle legal barriers to healthcare, education, employment, and the basic income, food, nutrition, and housing supports that make up our social safety net. We must continue to listen to our clients, meet them where they are, and help them address the legal barriers they face so they may obtain their goals. We must continue our work in systemic policy and impact litigation to stop identified patterns of oppression, dysfunction, and injustice. We must continue to share our expertise and participate in public and private partnerships centered on creating and enhancing the effectiveness of our social safety net to reduce homelessness and utilization of expensive emergency services and increase stability for low-income individuals and families. We must continue our advocacy to break down the legacy of preventable inequity and the justice divide in America.

We are grateful to you, our donors, supporters, allies and partners who join us in this vision and work for the future. Thank you for your commitment and solidarity through these difficult years — and thank you in advance for your continued partnership in the years ahead.

Genevieve Richardson, Executive Director



Download BayLegal’s 2021 Annual Report