BayLegal helps San Francisco client fight back against housing discrimination

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A story in the Bay Area Reporter details the experience of Lisa Willis, a trans woman who faced racial and sexual discrimination in a nonprofit housing development. Ms. Willis, a San Francisco resident and musician, came to BayLegal for legal representation, and successfully reached a settlement with the housing provider.

Ms. Willis was a resident in housing operated by St. James Infirmary, a housing provider working as part of the City of San Francisco’s Our Trans Home program, whose mission is to combat the often severe housing instability facing the city’s transgender communities. The program abruptly shut its doors in 2023 among organizational and financial challenges, and facing allegations of sexual discrimination and retaliation from at least one other trans woman resident.

For a detailed account of Ms. Willis’ experience and background on the housing program, we encourage readers to check out John Ferrannini’s excellent series of stories in the Bay Area Reporter (additional stories are linked in his coverage of Ms. Willis’ case). BayLegal is proud to have helped Ms. Willis stand against discrimination, and our congratulations go out to Ms. Willis, her BayLegal attorney Hadley Rood, and our other attorneys, social workers and advocates who assisted Ms. Willis.