BayLegal Attorney Explains Why Communities Need Not Fear the 2020 Census

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In a September 18, 2019 segment on Univisión 14, BayLegal attorney Jessica Jenkins explained to Spanish-speaking viewers why participation in the 2020 United States Census is important: “Es muy importante que todos participan in el censo para que sean contados. Con esa información el gobierno da nuestros ciudades recursos importantes para nuestros escuelas, y otros servicios sociales.” (It is very important that everyone participates in the census so that they are counted. With that information, the government gives our cities important resources for schools and other social services.)

Jessica also helped to dispel misinformation surrounding census participation. In answer to whether a citizenship question will be included, she responded, “Finalmente, no. No va ver una pregunta sobre la ciudanía.” (In the end, no, there won’t be a question about citizenship.)

Regarding whether people should people be fearful about sharing information with census officials, she explained, “No, de hecho, por ley, la información es confidencial y no se puede compartirlo aún con otros agencias del gobierno.” (No, in fact, under the law, the information is confidential and cannot even be shared with other government agencies.)

This Univisión segment is one of several that draws on BayLegal’s expertise, and it represents another concerted effort by our organization to serve as a clearinghouse of responsible information that will empower members of our Bay Area communities to make informed decisions concurrent with changing laws, policies, and government practices.