Bay Area Families Continue to Face Eviction Threat During the Pandemic

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This August 3rd KPIX story by Susie Steimle profiles one family’s struggle with eviction, and the housing insecurity still facing many low-income Bay Area families during the COVID-19 pandemic. BayLegal attorney Jia Min Cheng is quoted, reminding tenants to seek legal advice before moving out.
Throughout the pandemic, BayLegal has worked to advocate in regional media and our own public information channels for low-income tenants to know their legal rights and options under the patchwork of state and regional eviction pauses and “moratoria” before accepting offers to relocate or threats of removal from landlords. In some cases landlords continue to misrepresent tenants’ legal rights, pressure tenants to relocate on an accelerated timeline, or even perform illegal “self-help evictions” despite both longstanding and emergency legal protections covering renters. We encourage all Bay Area tenants facing the threat of eviction to seek legal advice first, whether from our Legal Advice Line, our Tenants Rights Line (for Alameda County residents), or other legal services providers in the region.