2017-18 Annual Report (updated)

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Our Shared Accomplishments for Equal Justice

Our 2017-18 Annual Report tells the story of the scope, depth, and commitment of our work for equal justice: the hundreds of thousands of lives changed through BayLegal’s representation and our impact strategies; the lasting victories for fair housing, healthcare access, family safety and stability, and a functioning social safety net for individuals and families throughout the Bay Area living in poverty. Whether you come to us as a staff member, a donor, an organizational partner or funder, or an ally in our struggle toward equal justice and against the deep inequities of cyclical poverty, we hope you will find reason to celebrate your role in these accomplishments along with us, and to renew your commitment to BayLegal.

Update July 11, 2019

A chart representing Bay Area Legal Aid’s expenditures for the 2018 program year in the original version of the report presented an erroneous breakdown of expense classes. While the numerical data on the page was correct and has not been changed, a formula error in the original pie chart led to significantly lower reported percentages of Support Services and Fundraising expenses. The chart has been corrected in the revised report that is now linked from this page.

Bay Area Legal Aid Annual Report 2017 2018


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