BayLegal’s mission is to provide meaningful access to the civil justice system through quality legal assistance regardless of a client’s location, language or disability.


Feature 1 – Healthcare and Safety Net


cases helping individuals and families remove barriers to healthcare, health coverage, and critical safety net programs, with more than $17.7 million in direct economic benefits.

Feature 2 – Housing


cases standing with low-income families who pushed back against escalating eviction, displacement, and housing discrimination—stabilizing communities and securing more than $9.2 million in benefits for our clients.

Feature 3 – Total served


clients and their children served—with an additional 100,000+ who benefited from legal clinics, referrals, training, outreach and information services.

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The Supreme Court’s Majority Decision in Johnson vs. Grants Pass Is Unacceptable and Unconsionable
11 July 2024

We Need Compassionate and Effective Solutions to Address Homelessness and Housing Instability, Not Criminalization – the Supreme Court’s Majority Decision in Grants Pass is Unacceptable and Unconscionable   Bay Area Legal Aid strongly disagrees with the Supreme Court’s majority decision in City of Grants Pass, Oregon vs. Johnson. The decision is destructive to efforts to …

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Announcing BayLegal’s 2023 Annual Report
26 June 2024

Dear BayLegal friends, Thank you for your continued partnership and support in the fight against poverty and the pursuit of justice! For our 2023 Annual Report we have chosen to share stories that highlight one of our core goals – to pursue the most effective legal advocacy for each of our individual clients, who are …

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Update on BayLegal’s 2024 Needs Assessment Report
22 June 2024

BayLegal wants to express its gratitude to everyone who has taken part in our 2024 Client Needs Assessment Survey process.  Nearly 800 community members and close to 90 community agencies responded to the survey.  This provides us with a wealth of information regarding the most pressing legal needs and available resources for clients in the …

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